Workshop on Artificial Intelligence for Extended Reality

Part of Conference PETRA '20

International Workshop on Artificial Intelligence for Extended Reality (VR/AR)

Part of the 13th International Conference on
Pervasive Technologies Related to Assistive Environments 2020 (PETRA’20)

Date: June 30th – July 3rd, 2020

Location: Corfu Island, Greece

Submission deadline: March 20 March 27 , 2020

Call for papers (PDF)


Research in immersive technologies, such as Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), or in more general terms, Extended Reality (XR), is related to how computing systems allow humans to interact with computer-generated environments in the most natural and realistic way. The sense of presence offered by these systems has encouraged the development of applications in areas such as physical rehabilitation, psychological therapies, education, skill training, arts, or entertainment. On the other hand, research in Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) focuses on the design of models for knowledge discovery from data, which might be very valuable when applied on real-life applications where immersive technologies are being used. The objective of the workshop on Artificial Intelligence for Extended Reality is to serve as a stage for new research perspectives that blend immersive technologies and state-of-the-art ML from both academic and industrial parties; and to highlight and demonstrate the potential that this combination can bring for, e.g., user-behavior modelling, visualization mechanisms, novel human-computer-interaction (HCI) paradigms, multimodal interfaces, and user experience in 3D spaces. Ultimately, we expect the workshop to shed light on new research pathways on how ML can be used to let computers enhance the overall experience in immersive technologies.

List of Topics

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Machine learning for VR/AR
  • VR/AR for machine learning
  • Serious games and simulation
  • Physiological signal processing for VR
  • VR applications, including healthcare, learning, training, and arts
  • HCI using augmented, virtual and mixed reality
  • Multimodal interaction in immersive experiences
  • Wearables as input interfaces for VR
  • Natural language processing and speech interaction with virtual characters
  • UX in immersive environments
  • Understanding and modelling of user behavior in virtual environments
  • Physical or psychological rehabilitation with immersive systems
  • Data visualization in VR
  • Data generation, manipulation and analysis in VR systems
  • VR platforms and prototypes
  • Ethical aspects of AI and immersive technologies

Important dates

Submission deadline: March 20 March 27, 2020
Notification date: April 22, 2020
Camera-ready: April 30, 2020
Workshop date: TBD

Submissions and Proceedings

Paper submissions

All submissions should follow the same formatting guidelines as employed for the main conference paper submissions. We accept short paper submissions (up to 4 pages) and regular paper submissions (5-10 pages). To prepare your submission, follow the instructions described in the official conference website.

You can submit your paper using the main conference submission system by selecting the option Workshop Paper from the dropdown menu. Complete instructions are provided in the link below:


The conference proceedings, including the workshop papers, will be a volume in the ACM International Conference Proceedings Series in the ACM Digital Library. The ISBN number assigned to PETRA ’20 is 978-1-4503-7773-7

Workshop Committee

The workshop is organized by the Data Science Group at the Department of Computer and Systems Sciences (DSV), Stockholm University.

Program Committee:

John E. Muñoz, University of Waterloo, Canada
Jordi Solsona, Stockholm University, Sweden
Sergi Bermúdez i Badia, Interactive Technologies Institute, Portugal
Mónica Cameirão, Interactive Technologies Institute, Portugal
Gerald Bieber, Fraunhofer Institute for Computer Graphics, Germany


Luis Quintero, MSc
PhD Student, Stockholm University

Jaakko Hollmen, DSc (Tech.)
Senior Lecturer, Stockholm University

Panagiotis Papapetrou, PhD
Professor, Stockholm University

Uno Fors, DDS, PhD
Professor and Department Head, Stockholm University


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